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02 October 2011 @ 03:53 pm
Every now and then, I stumble upon a song that moves me to tears. To be honest, my taste in music is a bit unconventional and I think most other people find the stuff that I enjoy... well, boring. But I had to share this song, because I think everything about it is capable of moving even a rock. It's so beautiful, I just spent the afternoon listening to it and crying. (It may have been an overreaction, but oh well.)

About a week ago, in a really roundabout way (variety shows) I started obsessing over Super Junior. Thankfully, soon it filtered down to being obsessed with Siwon. I tried watching his latest drama, Poseidon (horrible, so horrible) and after that Oh! My Lady (cliched, but enjoyable and so, so cute; Siwon makes such an adorable dad). I'm a sucker for bad guys being reformed and the fact that Siwon is naturally quite charming doesn't hurt. I spent all Saturday resisting the urge to sit down and write a pointlessly detailed analysis of the whole series instead of doing my work. Then, today I watched The Story of Hyang Dan, hoping for a little more of Siwon ;_; yes I know I have a problem. It's a two-episode historical not-quite-parody mini drama. It's an alternate retelling of the story of Chun Hyang, where her maid is the one the hero falls for. Some parts of it are really quite hysterical. And other bits are really sweet. That's when I heard Whatever We Become by Jung Min A.

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